Getting Started with Geofencing

Geofences are an easy way to monitor thousands of places of interest. The mobile experience can be personalized based on the user's location. A geofence consists of a GPS coordinate (latitude, longitude) and a radius, typically 100 to 250 meters. Enter, exit and dwell events can be monitored.

Setting Up Geofences

Log into your Beaconinside Account and go to Manage > Geofences. You can either manually create geofences, use the Manage APIs or our import tools. Geofences can be grouped in a variety of ways so you can manage and analyse it easily, e.g. setting up a group per city or zip code.

Once the geofences are set up you can integrate the Beaconinside SDK into your own apps and monitor for the right geofence region enter and exit events.

Geofence details

Geofence details

Geofences overview

Geofences overview

Geofence Campaigns

A geofence enter and exit event can be used to trigger campaign messages. You simple have to group your geofences or select "All Geofences" in the campaign detail page under Services > Campaigns.

Read also the Demo Guide for detailed instructions.

Target geofence regions

Target geofence regions

Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the energy consumption?

Geofences require less than 1% of the daily energy consumption of the smartphone and it should not be recognisable for consumers.

How many geofences are supported?

We support up to 100,000 geofences in a very efficient way. Only relevant data is loaded by the mobile clients and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

What kind of analytics do I get?

For each geofence and geofence group we provide the following KPIs in the web dashboard and via the Analytics API:

  • Unique visitors and visits per timeframe
  • Dwell times
  • Trending data
  • Engagement rates.

You have full access to the raw visitor and visit data as CSV for custom analysis.

Visitor analytics based on geofences

Visitor analytics based on geofences

How can I import geofence data?

Please contact the Beaconinside support for uploading larger geofence data sets. The Manage API and special import tools are available.

Are Webhooks supported?

Yes, all region enter and exit events are reported via Webhooks. Go to Services > Webhooks in the web dashboard.

**Are polygonal geofences supported?"

No, we only support radial geofences which have better support by the Android and iOS operating systems.

Can I set up geofences on my competitors locations?

Yes, geofences are virtual and can be defined on arbitrary GPS coordinates.

Need help?

Contact the Beaconinside support.

Getting Started with Geofencing